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    Please welcome Daniel Takara to OSIsoft vCampus team!

    Ahmad Fattahi

      Hello everyone,


      We are very pleased today to have Daniel Takara as a member of OSIsoft vCampus team We are confident that, given his rich and long background working with the PI System, he can bring a lot to the vCampus Community. He may have some news to break already to break to the community hitting the ground running!


      Daniel has a background in Computer Engineering. He worked as a software engineer for 6 years at Cybertécnica, providing PI System technical support, training, general field services and custom application development to OSIsoft customers in Brazil.


      Afterwards, he worked as a consultant at Neoris and Konitech for 2 years, working in systems integration involving OSIsoft's PI System and SAP MII. As of April 2011, Daniel is a member of the OSIsoft vCampus Team.