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    Find API calls within ACE programs


      Is there a quick way to locate code that calls the older API within ACE? I am looking for a direct procedure to search for and locate PI-API calls within the ACE class library directory.


      Apparently something in our ACE systems is calling PI-API on startup, but then it always times out later. I'd like to find these API calls and eliminate them if I can. Or, I'd like to be reassured that the calls and later timeouts do not represent a problem.


      I could try stopping all executables, modules and context from the ACE manager. Then I could gradually bring each executable, module and context back into running state,  until I find one (or several) that trigger API connections. But I'd prefer to do it more directly.  I want to avoid stopping ACE modules just to find the ones that have API calls. Even after locating the right executables this way, then I am not sure how I would pinpoint the API call wihin a given ACE vb file.


      I don't think that I am using the API calls directly, unless this is in ACE code written by others. Could API calls be enclosed within SDK calls, in ways that are not explicit to the user, so that a user may initiate an API connection from an SDK function without realizing it?


      Here is what triggered my question. Is this anything to be concerned about? It happened 3 times on 3 separate ACE scheduler restarts.


      When my ACE scheduler was restarted yesterday, it showed 7 messages on the ACE server's pipc.log file that said,


      "PI-API> Initial Connection to [piservername:5450][0]. 


      Then after about 35 minutes, the pi message log on the PI ACE dataserver showed 8 messages from piupdmgr that said,


      "[Server] acedataserver [ID] 9028 [Time] 4/21/2011 5:41:51 PM [Program] piupdmgr [Priority] 10 [ProcessOSUser] SYSTEM [ProcessID] 2796 [Severity] Information Consumer <piaceclasslibraryhost:USDANW06:4908:3|311> timed out and Removed.




      [Server] acedataserver [ID] 9029 [Time] 4/21/2011 6:19:51 PM [Program] piupdmgr [Priority] 10 [ProcessOSUser] SYSTEM [ProcessID] 2796 [Severity] Information Consumer <piaceclasslibraryhost:USDANW06:8108:2|313> timed out. All signups removed.


      Is this much ado about nothing, or should I be concerned? Please help me to understand this, and provide suggestions for what, if anything, should be done about it.  These error messages are not new during ACE scheduler restarts on our systems, but I only noticed them recently.







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          Ahmad Fattahi



          This error message could be a result of several factors among which are lack of trust for the ACE Server on the PI Server and the fact that the PI Server is not addressed in the piclient.ini and pilogin.ini by its FQDN, among other things. Given that the severity is "Information" and apparently everything is working as expected I wouldn't worry about it. But if you would like to get to the bottom of it, I would friendly suggest that you contact our regular Tech Support for a more thorough investigation of the situation, including log files, PI API configuration files, trusts, and other pieces of evidence.