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    Error when Creating PI Web Service Client


      Please help


      I believe that I followed the example but got an error.


      1) I installed the web service to my computer.


      2) I ran the following check from the manual:




      3) I ran the following command to generate the files:


      svcutil.exe http://XXXXXXX/PIWebServices/PITimeSeries.svc?wsdl  Note: XX out server name


      4) I added the files to a console app and made a reference to servicemodel


      I received the following error:8585.WebServiceVSError.jpg



        • Re: Error when Creating PI Web Service Client

          You have to make sure the configuration on the PI Web Services machine (web.config) has a matching endpoint for what you are using on the client side (app.config). In fact, just adding the service reference in Visual Studio should take care of that for you... so you may want to remove and re-add the service reference, in case you manually edited (and unintentionally screwed up!) the app.config file.


          To be more precise, svcutil generates the proxy and proxy-related structures, but does not take care of the configuration.  Adding a service reference in VS calls svcutil and *also* does the configuration tasks for you.