PI Collective servers with same IP Address

Discussion created by Mindtree on Apr 27, 2011
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I would like to have an application which can connect to the PI collective, but the primary and secondary server within the collective should have the same IP Address. This is because we need to have a highly available server and the external applications connecting to these servers need to have a single IP address for the server.


I will have a application running on these servers and talknig to the PI Collective, the external applications will connect to my application on the primary server and in case of the Primary server going down my Secondary server application will begin functioning. In this case if the IP Address of the Primary and Secondary are different then the external applications connecting to my application on the server machine will need to know the change of the IP Address whenever the application starts on the Secondary server.


To avoid this and allow the external applications to send the dat to a single IP address no matter where the application is running I would like to have same IP Address for both Primary and Secondary server. If I do this will my PI Collective work with both servers having the same IP Address?


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