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    Day light savings




      Is there a way to automate the day light savings time for PI and AF Server  or do we need to manually change the time for day light savings?




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          If the OS contains a valid set of current daylight change rules, there is no need to change anything for PI Servers.


          If the daylight change rules vary each year, then a new TZ file will be required on the PI Server.  Also included in this category are time zones that have changed since the first online archive data for a PI Server (e.g. European PI Servers that


          If the client machines use the 'server time' setting, then no action is required.  However, some cases of using older data across changes in daylight rules will require local time zone modification.


          If the client machines use 'client time' and the OS daylight saving change rules differ from the PI Server, then a local TZ file is needed, or the application must consistently use the PITimeZoneInfo collection in the PISDK. (unlikely for most applications at this point)


          Standard OSIsoft Interfaces generate UTC timestamps for data and have error correction algorithms for cases when server - client times are incoherent.


          AF, Notifications, Web Services and Web Parts use a combination of DateTime objects and PI Time string parsing.  Thus, I do not have a full analysis of how these respond to changes in daylight rules.  We'll need to get some help on those.