How to Aquire PISubBatches using C#

Discussion created by mdsterman on Apr 27, 2011
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I have a VS project and am trying to aquire a list of subBatches from PI without success.

PISDK.PIUnitBatchList BatchList = moduledb.PIUnitBatchSearch(searchStart, searchEnd, unitName);

foreach (PISDK.PIUnitBatch myPIUnitBatch in BatchList){  //this line works 

foreach (PISDK.PISubBatches subBatches in myPIUnitBatch)  //oops, not enumerable

 I have tried a bunch of other things:

PISDK.PIUnitBatch.  //cannot get the PISubBatches member

Am I missing a project reference?  I reference the PISDK and have tried adding some of the PIBatch dlls.