Axis2 Web Service example Please

Discussion created by mikeloria on Apr 29, 2011
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I am very excited about the potential of PI web services especially since I deal with different platforms and different languages. I am very interested in using java axis2 as my client library. The samples that I found on vcampus is axis 1  which is very different and an older methodology. I have been struggling with this for a few days and really need an example.


I have been able to create the stubs and a client class that compiles but I am having trouble with using the data response and the GetPISnapshotData class.


It would be greatly appreciated if someone could just do a console app showing the usages of at at  least the methods of:








It would be great to show them all if time permits and for completeness


I have been just creating the the single stub classes by using:


wsdl2java -uri http://XXXXXXX:8080/PIWebServices/PITimeSeries.svc?wsdl -o <path/to/output>


I have no trouble creating the stubs and referencing the stub classes and methods and running the client. I am just having trouble understanding how to use them.




Thank you so much in advance.