ACE and maintainability & error tolerance

Discussion created by wpurrer on Apr 29, 2011
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Hello Vcampus community.

I’m trying to use „ACE“ for some advanced calculations, but in terms of maintainability of the calculation I have the following issues I have to cover. (the calculation should run time triggered (for example every minute,…)


a) When the connection to the interface is down (because of network,…) and it gets up again (and sends the data to the buffer to the pi – server) the ACE – Calculation should automatically wait until the data is received.

b) Same Situation if the pi – server is down, it automatically should recalculate the “down” time period when it gets back up again.

c) Third issue is that the (End) User should be able to set a date where the recalculation should start.

My Idea was

  • At first I uncouple the “calculation time from the interval the ace is really calculated”. I “remember somehow the last “successful calculation” in an attribute (Timestamp) And  everytime the ace calculation is running it uses the following .
           For ( Time = “LastSuccessfulCalculation”; time < now() ;time = time + interval)
            { DoRealCalculation() }
    This should solve USECASE B,C because I can give a user RW – Rights to this attribute and then I can manage the “calculation” by himself 
  • UseCase A I solve with checking the heartbeat of the interface ( If the last event is to old, it waits for the calculation)

@ community What is your opinion? Has somebody already solved this problem ?

@ osisoft Where aren’t there any standard solution for this problem ?