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Discussion created by RJKSolutions on May 3, 2011
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How are all you Notification developers handling the need for multiple targets for a single notification to be generated?


At the moment we only have the option within a Notification Template to have a single target element template, but there is a need that a notification is generated based on multiple targets.  As an example, imagine I have 2 Element Templates for assets "Asset A Temp" and "Asset B Temp" where "Asset A Temp" is always the parent of "Asset B Temp" - "Asset B Temp" could be the child of other Element Templates".  I want a notification that is generated when an attribute value of "Asset A Temp" is satisified and when the attribute value from "Asset B Temp" is satisfied - seen as though the reference type is present to say "Asset A Temp" has a relationship with "Asset B Temp" then I should be able to configure a notification template to access attributes from both element templates.  The fact that I may derive an element of type "Asset A Temp" but not create any child elements of type "Asset B Temp" doesn't matter, the notification should error or be handled using the PE Condition Rule badval method. 


At the moment I am using the PE Condition Rule to get around this but it means I have to know what I am going to call the child element(s) in advance, which is kind of going against the idea of the notification template - luckily there are good, well known rules around the hierarchy data model.  What else I would like to see here (maybe this is more generally AF related) is an indexed substitution parameter approach to the Element Templates hierarchy like we see in Event Frames referenced elements.