AF Models, Ports, Cases via OLEDB Enterprise

Discussion created by aabrodsky on May 4, 2011
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Was great to see the latest in-process implementation of PI OLEDB Enterprise 2010 R2.


Now the next question towards OLEDB and AF Roadmap:


OSIsoft have been quiet about the usage of Models, Ports, Analysis Cases in AF. Is that a sign of plans to abandon that functionality or move it to another component?


If not, what is the Roadmap for the following:


1. Processbook AF Modeler


2. Full support of the Models/Ports/Transfers/Cases via OLEDB Enterprise


3. Same via PI Web Services and PI Data Services


4. Any representation of the Models and object's connections on PI Web Parts


We are thinking about using that functionality for a major client and would like to understand the future of it. Also I see the issues visualizing the information, as it is currently only available via AFSDK if needs to be shown on web or used for other applications. Our standard way of accessing the AF Data is through the OLEDB Enterprise, therefore the questions above.




Alex Brodskiy