AF substitution parameters in AF attributes

Discussion created by Gael Champion on May 6, 2011
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Is-it possible to get a substitution parameter directly in an AF attribute (without data reference)?


I explain with a simple example: I would like to get the element ID (%ElementId%) in an attribute (Value type: string or guid).


This thing could be very helpful if you want to pass the id of the element to the synchronized module of the PI-MDB using PI 2010 (so the ID of the element will be stored in a PI-MDB property). Like this, I am able to apply an ACE calculation to this module and directly retrieve the real PI-AF element.


Maybe it is not the good approach so ma question is: how can I retrieve the AF element corresponding to the synchronized module in the PI-MDB (this in a PI-ACE environment)^ 


Thanks for your help