String or binary data would be truncated

Discussion created by dpurkiss on May 6, 2011
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We've decided to use PI OLEDB for some reporting that we want to do with SSRS. On doing a bit of testing and installing the latest version of PI OLEDB enterprise (64 bit) and running some tests on the NuGreen database, everything seems to be fine and works well. However, when querying our own existing AF database I get the following error:


Internal query execution failure.


Details: [PI SQL (AF) Service] [Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0] String or binary data would be truncated.


The statement has been terminated.


I've tried to narrow the error down to a specific element to no avail. When creating an element in a new AF database I am able to query the database, however when I use an element imported from the existing database, exactly the same as the one created, I get the error above. I am just doing a simple query:




FROM [Database].Asset.ElementHierarchy


Has anyone encountered anything like this before?