Start and end times for RecordedValues using Server Time.

Discussion created by IOMHouston on May 7, 2011
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I have a requirement to perform all operations in "Server" time.


In oleDB, there is an extended property (Time Zone) that allows you to specify that all queries are in "servertime", and all data returned will reflect server time. The query behaves as if the server was local.


Is it possible to do this with the .NET API's

PISDK.PIValues piValues = piPoint.Data.RecordedValues("*13/01/2911 19:23:34", "*",
PISDK.FilteredViewConstants.fvShowFilteredState, null);

 Is there a way to indicate that that 19:23:34 is server time?
And that the values in the piValues are in ServerTime


On a side note -> I can get the time from

PISDK.PIValue v = piValues[ii];

 You can get UTC and local time from this TimeStamp object.
How can I get the serverTime from this object.
Do calculations have to be manual (UTC to server time).