Read Module names from MDB

Discussion created by Aantje on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by andreas

Hi everybody,


I have an ACE module in which I want to read the submodules from a module in the MDB. The names of these submodules must be written to a list.


So I have a modulepath: "Server\Context\Mainmodule\"


This Mainmodule contain more than one Submodules, and the names of these modules must be add in a stringlist.


So the coding must be something like below, but I can get the job done. So any use is helpfull.

        ' Only read the TE blocknames if they are available in the MDB
        Modulerootpath = "Server\Context\Mainmodule\"
        PIModulesroot = PIACEBIFunctions.GetPIModuleFromPath(Modulerootpath)

        For Each PIModule In PIModulesroot.PIModules
            TE_Block = .........