Sharepoint 2010 + PI datalink Server 2010 error

Discussion created by panagiotis.perdikis on May 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by panagiotis.perdikis
Hello, We have installed a demo system in the office with the latest PI server version on one machine and a Web server along with Sharepoint server 2010, PI Webparts 2010 and Datalink Server 2010 on a second machine.  The second machine operating system in a SBS 2008 SP2. Although all PI webparts work fine, excel webpart is not able to display any data from PI server, all it shows is #VALUE! The file works fine when run from within excel in a laptop running excel 2007.  By the way, the SBS is 64 bit and also has Excel 2010 64 bit, but Datalink 2010 does not work on it because Excel is 64 bit.  Could that relate to the #VALUE! problem we see above in the web page, in other words is Datalink and Datalink Server related in any way?  How could we go around to resolve this problem? Thank you in advance, Panagiotis Perdikis INTEC LTD