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    PI OPC Interface Installable


      How to get data from Third party OPC server(Invensys Incontrol) to PI Historian.Is there any interface?Do we need to have the extra license?


      We are using PI V3.4.We are able to connect to OPC server through PI OPC Client and see data of OPC Server.


      Now we want to get this data to PI Historian.We were trying using PI Interface configuration utility but not able to find OPCInt.exe.


      Kindly guide us how to do the same and where we will get the installabel of OPCInt.




      Thanks for your support.



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          Hi David,


          Yes you will need a license to use PI OPC interface. Since you mentioned that you are using PI Server version 3.4, are you referring to a production server that is installed at the site you are working on? or you are more looking at testing out the interface on a test server?


          The reason I am asking this is because the development server licensed with your OSIsoft vCampus subscription does not accept interface connections, except interface that are installed with the PI server (like Random, Ramp Soak) as well as PI to PI interface. Hence downloads for interfaces like PI OPC interface is not available through OSIsoft vCampus. 


          If you want to get a license for PI OPC interface with a production server, you can talk to an OSIsoft Sales representative about this.

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              Thanks for giving clarification regarding the licese for OPC Interface.


              We would also like to know that is it the ONLY  option to get the data from OPC server to PI historian or we have some other options which comes as default.


              From where we can get this Interface for testing before we buy.


              plz confirm.

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                  An alternative is to request for demo version of PI Server and the PI OPC interface to try it out. You can also speak to an OSIsoft sales representative for this.

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                      Ahmad Fattahi

                      To add to what Han Yong said, PItoPI interface is the only stand-alone interface that comes with the vCampus PI System. The idea is that you can collect your OPC data using your OPC interface and production PI Server (or any PI Server which is licensed to connect to an OPC interface). Then you can use the PItoPI interface to transfer data from the production server to the vCampus PI Server and do your development.