PI_OPCClient generates Write returns Generic failure..

Discussion created by IOMHouston on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by spilon

Testing the PI OPCClient functionality.
I can browse the PI instance, created a groups and see the tags.  
Selected one to see the values.


The I attempted  to write some data into the historian.


I get the error


Unable to write value: Write returns Generic failure.


Any idea what this means?
where can I look to get more details about this error (on the client or server side)


PIHOME\dat\pipc.log shows this error. I tried both (DA and HDA) interfaces.






20-May-11 09:08:07


PI_OSIHDA.exe>PI-API> pinetread> recv blocking failure or host machine123:5450 closed the socket






20-May-11 09:12:26


PI_OSIOPC.exe>PI-API> pinetread> recv blocking failure or host v-pi01:5450 closed the socket