PI OLEDB Enterprise and AF Security

Discussion created by Bannikov on May 23, 2011
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Hello All!


I've one question about how OLEB Enterprise and AF Security are connected. For example, I've such query:


select H.ElementID, H.ParentElementID, H.Name
from [DB].Asset.ElementHierarchy H
inner join [DB].Asset.Element E on E.ID = H.ElementID
where H.Path like '\my_root_node\%'


I've connected to AF via OLEDB connection string as particular user and expect that this query will return elements visilbe (accessible) to this user. But currently I can't afford this -- as far as I have seen, query result is vased on rights of user account, under which AF Server is running. A bit strange, I expect different behaviour. Has somebody any information about it? Thank you!