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Newbie SQC Symbol question

Question asked by Dodge_This on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by jcouchara

Hello All!


I've been putting together several SQC Charts with the tag, upper, lower, center settings to present the data in the Chart. I noticed when I use a filter equation, the chart immediately loses its data graphically once one presses the Play button. If I remove the filter equation, and push play the data is shifted but remains displayed in the graph. I am scratching my head about the Filter equation. The equation used is ('Tag' = 100) so, when Tag equals 100, it is my understanding it will acquire 20 samples (Samples before end time) to plot as soon as the Tag equals 100. My calculation Basis is set on Event. Would someone elaborate when it is best to utilize the "Time" Calculation Basis for the SQC Chart? I noticed one can set the Calculation Period, Sample Period, and Start Time of Sample. In my opinion, I would think the Start Time of Sample would be automatically calculated once Tag equals 100.



Thanks Again!