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    How to List Element Attributes in Processbook


      I have an element that has several (15) child elements based on a template. The child elements contain fieldsthat has a lab variable name, lab variable value, lower limit, upper limit, and the status (Low, OK, High). I wish to display the latest values in a tabular form for eacdh element and I was wondering if it was possible to do this as using ERD?


      Right now my only option that I am aware of is to create value fields individually for each value (15 * 5 = 75 value fields) I would like to just create a group of 5 and set the element name. Is there anyway to possibly do this or something like this?


      Thanks in Adavance

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          PI OLEDB Enterprise can work and is useful for the above when used w/transpose functions (see examples in the OLEDB Ent. User Manual), and populate a grid or even Excel.


           The screen below shows populating a WebPart table:



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              Hi Mike,


              How about adding 5 value symbols to your ProcessBook display and making each of them exhibit the value of one attribute of the element selected in the "Element Relative Display" pane?


              - element "childA" selected:






              - element "childB" selected:




              For details on how to do this, you may want to check the section "Add Element Relative Data to a Dynamic Symbol" in the PI ProcessBook User Guide, available for download as a pdf file from the vCampus Download Center (under vCampus Library > vCampus PI Products Kit > Client Products > PI ProcessBook) and also accessible as built-in help in ProcessBook by pressing F1.


              Please let us know if it is something along these lines that you were thinking of. A set of 5 individual value symbols is not exactly tabular, but it is something that may fit in your use case.