Manual Data Entry

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To start I think that we should ask the vCampus team to move this discussion to a different thread.


We stopped using PIML awhile ago for a number of reasons. The list below is the highlights:

  • The configuration of PIML was cumbersome in comparison to things like AF
  • The actual client was beyond the limited ability of most of our operators; we really struggled with the concept of saving a tour and writing to PI. Although the client has quite a lot of features; the additional features simply caused confusion.
  • The tour concept proved to be a real issue for the operators.
  • The management of the PIML SQL database was lacking. This is an area that could be improved.
  • PIML requires that both PI and the SQL be online for the entries to work; otherwise the user get an error at some point. This tends to make life difficult as we can't take down the systems for maintenance; plus if there is a problem we lose the support of the operators very quickly. The solution must be able to work in a disconnected manner.

We have implemented a simple solution in good old excel which is working well. What we are now doing is moving this solution to a dedicated client; a Silverlight client with a one-click install. We are currently in the scoping stage. I wasn't aware that this new version was being released this quickly; I will definitely take a look. I'm still of the opinion that we should look at using PIML as the back end with a custom front end.


Gopal, I'm happy to share the scoping document with you. I'm afraid that this will have to be done offline for now.