Changing Default UOM for templated elements

Discussion created by aabrodsky on Jun 9, 2011
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Hi All,


I know it's not exactly an AF SDK programming question, but couldn't find a better place on the vCampus for that and do not think it's for Techsupport.


It seems like you cannot change default UOM in an element created from a template.


Let's say we have a template for an Oil Well, wherein we have an Attribute called "Tubing Head Pressure" with default UOM of Bar.


And we are going to have in a database different oil fields, from different countries.


Some countries have instruments providing measurements in Bars, some in PSI, some in kPa.


So we need to be able to change that default UOM for different Wells, but I couldn't figure out the way to do that.


What do you usually do in such cases with UOM? Any ideas?




Alex Brodskiy