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    Help with the description of each attribute associated with a tag.


      Each tag has a list of attributes associated with it.


       values = piPoint.PointAttributes.GetAttributes();


      Name:archiving Value:1
      Name:changedate Value:6/7/2011 12:32:57 PM
      Name:changer Value:piadmin
      Name:compdev Value:2
      Name:compdevpercent Value:2
      Name:compmax Value:28800
      Name:compmin Value:0
      Name:compressing Value:1
      Name:convers Value:1
      Name:creationdate Value:4/26/2011 6:23:19 AM
      Name:creator Value:piadmin
      Name:dataaccess Value:o:rw g:rw w:r
      Name:datagroup Value:piadmins
      Name:dataowner Value:piadmin
      Name:datasecurity Value:piadmin: A(r,w) | piadmins: A(r,w) | PIWorld: A(r)
      Name:descriptor Value:12 Hour Sine Wave
      Name:digitalset Value:
      Name:displaydigits Value:-15
      Name:engunits Value:
      Name:excdev Value:1
      Name:excdevpercent Value:1
      Name:excmax Value:600
      Name:excmin Value:0
      Name:exdesc Value:
      Name:filtercode Value:0
      Name:instrumenttag Value:
      Name:location1 Value:0
      Name:location2 Value:2
      Name:location3 Value:0
      Name:location4 Value:1
      Name:location5 Value:0
      Name:pointid Value:16
      Name:pointsource Value:R
      Name:pointtype Value:12
      Name:ptaccess Value:o:rw g:rw w:r
      Name:ptclassid Value:2
      Name:ptclassname Value:classic
      Name:ptclassrev Value:1
      Name:ptgroup Value:piadmins
      Name:ptowner Value:piadmin
      Name:ptsecurity Value:piadmin: A(r,w) | piadmins: A(r,w) | PIWorld: A(r)
      Name:recno Value:1
      Name:scan Value:1
      Name:shutdown Value:1
      Name:sourcetag Value:
      Name:span Value:100
      Name:squareroot Value:0
      Name:srcptid Value:0
      Name:step Value:0
      Name:tag Value:SINUSOID
      Name:totalcode Value:0
      Name:typicalvalue Value:50
      Name:userint1 Value:0
      Name:userint2 Value:0
      Name:userreal1 Value:0
      Name:userreal2 Value:0
      Name:zero Value:0


      The meaning of some of the attributes are clear, some are not.
      Where can I find documentation which describes what each of these attributes mean.