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    PITimeSeries Log File


      Hi Guys,




      As I know when consumer triggers PITimeSeries service, the request comes into the web-server and logs are generated. I want to see those logs to monitor and trouble shoot the service calls ( on PITimeSeries hosted server).



      I know there is log file of PITimeSeries service on web-server, but I'm not getting its location in server. Can anyone let me know the absolute path of log file?







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          Ahmad Fattahi



          PI Web Services includes an instrumentation framework that manages performance counters and message logging. By default, the instrumentation framework is configured to log error messages to the Windows event log on the Web server.


          To change the reporting level of logging, enable debug trace messages or add additional destinations for messages, edit the PIInstrumentation.config file found in: [PIDirectory]\PIPC\DAT. For details, see Logging and Instrumentation in the PI Web Service User Manual.


          Deployments that use PI Web Services can write trace and error messages to the Windows event log on the server hosting PI Web Services and the PI Message Log. You can also write messages to the standard debug message window. This window can be read by Microsoft Visual Studio or by the free DebugView application. Visit the Microsoft Web site to download DebugView (technet.microsoft.com/.../bb896647.aspx).


          Hope it helps.