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    Save/Read more than 1 tag with different dates, using one call to PI server


      Hello PI team...


      I have the follwing scenario where I need to save data on the PI server for more than 1 tag (actually 7 different tags) for more than one timestamp.-

      Source  Type Description   Archive Value Archive Value US-KNO-EMI-INSPECTIONFINDINGS-SOURCETYPE US-KNO-EMI-INSPECTIONFINDINGS-DESCRIPTION 06/10/2011 01:00 High Potential Testing 1 06/10/2011 02:00     06/10/2011 03:00     06/10/2011 04:00     06/10/2011 05:00     06/10/2011 06:00     06/10/2011 07:00     06/10/2011 08:00     06/10/2011 09:00    



      Is it possible to use a combination of PointList / ListData objects for saving information in the PI server? being able to do this in just one call (command) to the PI server. I have 100 rows for the timestamp, so I'm looking for a quick way to save all this data to the PI server.


      Right now, I'm able to read more than 1 tag using PointList / ListData objects, but only for one timestamp per call, is there any way I can read more than 1 timestamp in just one call?


      I am doing this in Excel - VBA


      Thank you for your feedback.




      Jesus Varela


      CEMEX - USA