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    Using Piconfig Utility




      I am uploading the data from test file for the Digital Tag (Classic, Lab) using Piconfig utility. The Data format is


      @mode edit,t
      @table pisnap
      @istr tag, time, value
      BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:58:000,1
      BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:57:000,1
      BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:56:000,0
      BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:55:000,0.....


      The upload in PIConfig utility shows all the records are added sucessfully.. but when I try to see the data in SMT --> Data --> Archive Editor.. it shows ??????1 or ??????0 in value column against the timestamp generated..


      I tried to generate the Live data and connected through OPC for the same tag.. It shows & Achive the data correctly in the form of ON/OFF..


      Kindly let me know what could be the problem in this..







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          Hi David,


          this is probably best suited for techsuport - but can you share with us the configuration of the tag and the digital state set?


          I tried this with a digital state set of just two states and writing 0 or 1 or the states itself works fine.

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              Hi Andreas


              Configuration for Tag is


              Point name: BP1sd1mi_002_1


              Point Type: Digital


              Point Class: Classic


              Point Source: L


              Digital Set: Pulse (created maually)


              Digital set: Pulse


              Digital states


              0 : OFF


              1 : ON


              I have tried to load the data for 10days with 1second update

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                  seems o.k.


                  My tag looks as follows:


                  @table pipoint


                  @mode list


                  @ostr tag, digitalset


                  @sele tag=test_tag_d






                  @table pids


                  @mode list


                  @istr set


                  @ostr state,...






                  and it works fine with 0, 1, 'Available' or 'Remove' for the value. If this does not work for you - you should follow up with techsupport@osisoft.com on this.

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                      thanks Andreas,


                      It is showing the historaical data in ON/OFF state as per my text file.. What I observed that..after uploading the file and check the data..it display fine..but when I take the Live data on the same tag, my Histrorical data in archive editor start showing ????1 and live data displayed as ON/OFF depending on the value..


                      Any comment on that from your side..




                      One more issue I am facing is that, in case if I upload say 5 million data value for a particular tag (Float64, Classic, lab) with Commpressing OFF & Archive ON, the piconfig utlilty uploads all the values satisfactorily but I am not able to see all the points in Archive editor or OLE DB Tester (Select count (*) from piarchiv..picomp2 where tag = 'datatest'). It only display hardly 31000 values.. Is there any way I can see all the counts ???


                      Kindly let me know.



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                          Andreas might have other comments, but, at this point, I'd like to reiterate his suggestion for you to follow up with OSIsoft's TechSupport Team, by any of these contact methods.


                          When you open the call with them, make sure you include all the communication exchanged in this discussion thread.


                          Here in vCampus we try to stay focused on programming and system integration topics (in design and architectural aspects) involving the PI System.


                          For this particular issue, the TechSupport Team will most likely help you best.