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Discussion created by IOMHouston on Jun 15, 2011
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I am uploading the data from test file for the Digital Tag (Classic, Lab) using Piconfig utility. The Data format is


@mode edit,t
@table pisnap
@istr tag, time, value
BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:58:000,1
BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:57:000,1
BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:56:000,0
BP1sd1mi_002_1,14-Jun-11 22:48:55:000,0.....


The upload in PIConfig utility shows all the records are added sucessfully.. but when I try to see the data in SMT --> Data --> Archive Editor.. it shows ??????1 or ??????0 in value column against the timestamp generated..


I tried to generate the Live data and connected through OPC for the same tag.. It shows & Achive the data correctly in the form of ON/OFF..


Kindly let me know what could be the problem in this..