Downtime & EventFrames & Notification

Discussion created by wpurrer on Jun 16, 2011
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Hello Vcampus!


In my company we are thinking about changing the way we do downtime tracking.

  • Initial Configuration of Rules, where the System “detects” an Events. ( If Engine 1 stops…)
  • When the system detects an events he creates an entry in a list. (where, when, how long, how much,….)
  • Somebody (Control Room People,…) can then “acknowledge” the event, add some information (Reasoning code,…)
  • Reports for Processdevelopment, Mangers to react on this information. (Statistics,…)

The notification would be nearly perfect (has the rules,.... ) , but it isn't possible to add "Reason Codes" in the Acknowledgment Page and also there isn't the possiblity to have further (columns) in the history page.

(will the Event Frames & Notification will be merged in the future ?)
(it would be cool to have the same rules  with an event Frames (Event Generator) like in Notifications.


Are there are some companies wo have already products for this (rtduets, opralog..)