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    Getting Started with OSIsoft vCampus


      Thank you for joining OSIsoft Virtual Campus (vCampus)!


      We would like to give you some basic information about vCampus to get you started.


      Here are some quick one-time tasks you may want to go through, to fully leverage your communication with the vCampus community:

      1. Subscribe to notifications for new posts on Discussion Hall
      2. Subscribe to notifications for new blog post on Bloggers' Place
      3. Follow OSIsoft vCampus on Twitter

      And these are the activities to get you started in developing awesome PI System applications and solutions!

      1. Download and Install your Development PI System
      2. Get basic and advanced training on PI System Products

      See below the details on how to do these.


      We hope to see you online! Happy coding!


      OSIsoft vCampus Team

      Subscribe to Notifications for New Posts on Discussion Hall

      You can subscribe for new post notification for specific forums through email or RSS feed. For email notification, you can do that easily by accessing one of the Forum Subscriptions configuration page, where you get to choose which forum(s) you want to subscribe to.

      Subscribe to Notifications for New Blog Post on Bloggers' Place 

      There are a number of blogs on Bloggers' Place, including blogs of OSIsoft vCampus Team members, vCampus All-Stars, OSIsoft Product Managers and Development Teams. Take a look at the blogs and decide which blog you want to subscribe to.




      You can subscribe to posts of all blogs of the Blogger's Place via the Subscribe via RSS link on Blogger's Place main page:




      Alternatively, you can subscribe for new posts for a specific blog through RSS feed using the RSS for posts link available on the right side bar when you are looking the blogs.




      You can also subscribe to email notification for comments to a particular blog post. Just find the "Email Subscribe" option when viewing a blog post.





       Follow OSIsoft vCampus on Twitter

      Follow us on Twitter for quick updates: @OSIsoftvCampus. We are posting updates of new contents (white paper, tutorials and webinars) and interesting activities on OSIsoft vCampus.





      Download and Install your Development PI System

      Your subscription includes license for a Development PI System that you can install for your development and testing purposes. You can find the install kits from Download Center. The products are separated into different categories:




      Be sure to go through the different categories to find the product you need. 


      There is a 30 day temporary license for you to install your PI Server. After the installation, you should generate a permanent license. You can find instructions on how to generate a permanent license [DEAD LINK] in this post.

      Get Basic and Advanced Training on PI System Products

      In the Training Center, you will find a wealth of training materials, including online training courses and Virtual Learning Labs that are offered by OSIsoft. You will definitely find the training useful, especially if you are new to PI System.  





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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Very nice wrap up Han Yong. It's good for our newer folks as well as our older community members who would like to do a quick touch up on OSIsoft vCampus features.

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              I've fallen down seven times and think I've hurt myself (just kidding-I have too much time on my hands).

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                  I just got access to VCampus. Is there a guide to setup the PI System? The core components to download and install? In our meetng with OSIsoft I saw the component, PI Server, PI AF and others.


                  Now when I go into PI AF, there are quite a few installers? Which one should I get? The goal is to build a system which can talk to our sub-meters.





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                      Hi Adnan,


                      Welcome to OSIsoft vCampus!


                      For a start, you will definitely require our server products like PI Server 2010 and PI Asset Framework (AF) Server. These can be downloaded from the Download Center, under the PI Server and PI Asset Framework category. You should be installing PI AF Server first before installing PI Server 2010, because installation of PI Server 2010 will require a connection PI AF Server. You can refer to the webinar "Your Personal PI System 2010" about this.


                      You can find the documentation and installation guide available in the Library section if you need to installation steps for these products.


                      As you mentioned, there are a number of install kits under the PI Asset Framework category. Other than PI AF Server which is mentioned above, you should definitely install PI AF Client as well, because it would include AF SDK and PI System Explorer (a configuration tool for PI AF). 


                      Just to clarify, when you say "... build a system which can talk to our sub-meters", are you thinking of getting time-series data from these sub-meters? Are you thinking of also using PI AF to model these sub-meter in a hierarchical structure?


                      How about the visualization part of the system? How do you intend to allow users to view these information?


                      These are just some questions that will help us to give you more recommendations on the visualization products and other PI System components that you would require.