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How to specify trigger tag in code ?

Question asked by dholareeyakt on Jun 22, 2011
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after trying everything I think this might not be available, but I want to ask if anybody did it.




I have created simple ACE calculation for summing up all the aliases. Each context will have different aliases count.


I am getting all the input aliases in ModuleDependentInitialization() and then adding those in ACECalculations(). So that way I can use this calculation for any number of input aliases to sum it up in output alias.




My issue is, I can clock scheduled it, but I am not able schedule it event based as each context will have different set of input aliases.




Is there anyway I can specify in code that particular ACE tag is trigger tag.




I see piACEPt.IsTrigger, but I think this is inot I am looking for.




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