PI Coresight future extensibility discussion

Discussion created by tlebay on Jun 23, 2011
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Hello Community,


This is my first post here on vCampus but I am hoping this will be the start of an interesting discussion.  I am the new product manager for PI Coresight and I would like to hear what the PI developer community would like to see in PI Coresight in terms of its extensibility. 


On June 15th we had a vCampus webinar and threw out some ideas of what we are thinking about.  Here is the list:


- Embed your own Silverlight controls into the Coresight application


 - Use the PI Coresight visual objects from your Application


 - Access to data access services


  - In Silverlight


  - Directly from any application


 - Passing Context to/from PI Coresight and other applications


Do any of these sound interesting?  Is there something else that we need to consider?  Do you have any application ideas or use cases you have thought of?


As we discussed in the webinar, the first release of PI Coresight is not going to be extensible, but this product is going to evolve rapidly, so now is the time to start planning for your first “killer app” using PI Coresight.