PI SDK 1.4 & Buffering

Discussion created by PIAdminUnison on Jun 24, 2011
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Hi all,




I am testing out the CTP of PI SDK 1.4 and I am getting an error I don't expect.  I connect to the PI server and then disable my network card to test the buffering.  When I do an "UpdateValues" call for a tag I get the following error:


Failed to retrieve events from server.  [-10722] PINET:Timeout on PI RPC or System Call.


The next time I do an UpdateValues I get:


Connection to the server lost.  [-10723] PINET: No Connection.


 Now when I enable the network card and send a value I get a value placed into the PI tag, but the two previous values never show up.  I have the buffer Subsystem logged in as myself who has read/write rights to the tags.  Following is my basic code:

                     'Get the PI Point and add the value to the the tag
                    tmpPIPoint = svrPIServer.PIPoints(tmpPITagDataRow("TagName"))

                    tmpNamedValueAttributes = New NamedValues
                    If strAnnotation.Length > 0 Then tmpNamedValueAttributes.Add("Annotation", strAnnotation)
                    If boolQuestionable = True Then tmpNamedValueAttributes.Add("Questionable", boolQuestionable)

                    tmpPIValues = New PIValues
                    tmpPIValues.ReadOnly = False
                    tmpPIValue = tmpPIValues.Add(strDate, strValue, tmpNamedValueAttributes)
                    tmpPIValues.ReadOnly = True

                    'Update PI Point with value

                    tmpPIPoint.Data.UpdateValues(tmpPIValues, DataMergeConstants.dmErrorDuplicates)



Any ideas?