WCF service for PI eventing

Discussion created by sandeep.narang on Jun 29, 2011
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Hi Team




As per our requirement, we are working on the development of a WCF service that will have two methods, Subscribe and Unsubscribe




When the client will call the subscribe method, it will send a tagname for which WCf service will start the eventing using event pipe. the client can call the subscribe method multiple times to start the PI eventing for different tags.


On call of unsubscribe, the event pipe for a particular tag should get removed.


Please let me knoow how do i achieve the same. Currently I have implemented only one event pipe that will work for only one request and user has to restart the service to send another request.. I am facing problem for sending mutiple requests to the service for multiple tags.


Please share your thoughts as this is highly crucial for us.