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Discussion created by wpurrer on Jul 4, 2011
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Hello vcampus!


Sorry the last couple of weeks I was a little bit absent from vcampus. But i really like the "coresight" product, i hope in a couple of years 80% of my visualization needs come true with the product...


With visualization moving in the right direction ;-) i see my next "mission" to give ideas move the PI - Server forward.
What would be a pi server where the "management" is so easy like the visualization on PI - coresight.


Positive Formulated: I just like add tags and data to the pi server.
Negative Formulated: I don't like to take care about reprocessing archives when i like to add  new tags and data from the past.

Pos: I like to let my keyusers add tags and formulars without they risk the security and stabilty of my server.
Neg: I don't like to have to "maintenance" the tags by myself, because if i give the users  the right to create tags they can do everything on the server.


Pos: I like to reveive the data fast
Neg: I don't like to take care of speed and compression of the data in the archives and  right tags ..( raw tags, daily avg, month avg,....)
Nice article by the way: http://www.nt.ntnu.no/users/skoge/prost/proceedings/escape16-pse2006/Part%20B/Volume%2021B/N52257-Topic3/Topic%203-%20Poster/1398.pdf


Pos: I like that the pi server itselfs sends me a message when something is wrong.
Neg: I don't like to create a couple of Notifications rules, scripts to monitor the server or spend money for expensive EA - NOC.


Pos: i like to give the users the full control about their calculation and it should be possible to easy to use.
Neg: I don't like to have x tools with different limitiations for solving the same problem (Processbook calculations, PE, ACE,...)


Whats your vision of the future pi server ? Whats osisoft statement ?
If needed I can give for every point a couple of usecases ...

Regards from Austria