PIACEPoint.value retrieve exact time?

Discussion created by c.carter on Jul 19, 2011
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I am looking for a way to get PIACEPoint.value(date as object) to only return a value if one exists at the exact time dateTimeStamp provided otherwise return zero or Nothing. 


for example:only sum up the values recorded at T+8h otherwise return nothing or zero. the input tags are send once per day.


OUT.Value("T+8h") = INA.value("T+8h") + INB.value("T+8h") + INC.valuel("T+8h")




I can see three potential solutions without using an explicit SDK connection to retrieve the values.


1. Is there a way to the the time stamp associated with the value returned by INA.Value("T+8h") ? This would allow manually checking if the values are at the correct time.


2. find a way to set the piacepoint.value retrieval time to exact time.


3. or use .nextevent("T+28751s") and check the time before using .nextval . Doesn't seem like an ideal solution


The reason this is a concern is because there is the potential to not have data for a particular day which would cause the previous day's number to be used in piacepoint.value call.