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    Change Reference Type of existing elements


      Hi All,


      Is there any way to change Reference Type of existing elements in the AF?


      I am using custom reference types beyond parent-chile, weak and composition, so to limit user's abilities to add child elements to the hierarchy.


      Re-organizing these reference types I wanted to combine some of them into one, so deleted a couple of reference types.


      Now I ended up with elements having child elements with invalid reference type of that relationship. Therefore the AF Database is throwing errors during export/import.


      I raised a call with tech support but wanted to check with vCampus community as well, may be someone has had an experience dealing with that.


      I do not see a way to change the Reference Type using PI System Explorer. And when I try to use AF Builder for that, it does not change either, throwing the following message:


      "Skipping reference update between 'WP-AGRI1' and 'THP' with reference type 'tWell_Production - Gauge'. Multiple references between the same objects not allowed."


       I hate to think that I will have to remove all affected children elements and add them manually again, with values of all their attributes, etc...