Change Reference Type of existing elements

Discussion created by aabrodsky on Jul 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by Ahmad Fattahi

Hi All,


Is there any way to change Reference Type of existing elements in the AF?


I am using custom reference types beyond parent-chile, weak and composition, so to limit user's abilities to add child elements to the hierarchy.


Re-organizing these reference types I wanted to combine some of them into one, so deleted a couple of reference types.


Now I ended up with elements having child elements with invalid reference type of that relationship. Therefore the AF Database is throwing errors during export/import.


I raised a call with tech support but wanted to check with vCampus community as well, may be someone has had an experience dealing with that.


I do not see a way to change the Reference Type using PI System Explorer. And when I try to use AF Builder for that, it does not change either, throwing the following message:


"Skipping reference update between 'WP-AGRI1' and 'THP' with reference type 'tWell_Production - Gauge'. Multiple references between the same objects not allowed."


 I hate to think that I will have to remove all affected children elements and add them manually again, with values of all their attributes, etc...