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    Batchview - OSI's status going forward?




      I noticed that Batchview hasn't been rev'd in two years, and doesn't look like there are any plans to (roadmap).  Are there plans to enhance this product?  Is there a new tool I should use instead?  We're migrating to Excel 2010 (Datalink/Batchview).  The current version of Batchview doesn't appear to work seamlessy with Excel 2010, as it doesn't appear to have been written with DEP (data execution prevention) in mind.  I know there is a KnowBase article giving options, but those options aren't very appealing.  I'm open to other tools to help me view my data via batches.



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          Hi there!


          There has been a lot of work going on at OSIsoft around the new PI Event Frames(r) functionality, which is part of our PI Asset Framework. Event frames share many of the characteristics of batches, functionally speaking, so recent development efforts have been focused on how to expose the new functionality. Part of the plan is to have a background process that allows the existing BatchView functionality to use the new AF-based data.


          As a result, there hasn't been much work done on the existing BatchView tools. There has been some conversation with Microsoft over known issues with the BatchView add-in for Excel, but I don't believe we've gotten any resolution from them yet. With regard to DEP, in particular, the problems there may be related to some of the components used in the existing BatchView client (specifically, some ActiveX controls).


          If all you need is a list of batches to provide, for example, time ranges, you might consider either the Batch Search web part in PI WebParts or using one of our PI Data Access components. Of course, you didn't specify how you want to "view data via batches", so my suggestions may not be helpful.