Issue with user authentication to edit an AF table in a web app.

Discussion created by philco on Jul 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by dtakara

I’m getting crazy with the user rights on the AF tables... I know it is probably more related with web configuration than AF settings but there might be someone on this forum who knows the answer.




So, I'm using the AF SDK through an ASP.NET web app to access an AF Table that holds some users inputs. There's a basic interface that displays the table values in a gridview with functionalities to edit existing rows and add new ones. When running from my machine, in the development environment, everything is working fine but once deployed on the web server, any edit is forbidden."Cannot complete the operation because the user does not have rights to write to Table 'EnvironmentalPriorities' with UniqueID 'eea3f1e3-1d2d-4ef6-99f9-1f1f8552dae0' ".




After some investigation I realized the current user is the web server machine (domain\webcomputer$) instead of the connected user, although in IIS the authentication method is set to Integrated Windows authentication. The identity in the app pool is set to network service. If I change it to a user account, like mine, then everything is working fine but obviously I don’t want to do that. I’ve even allowed everyone to write in the AF table (in the AF table security) to make a test but it still doesn’t work.




Does someone know if there’s anything else regarding the authentication that must be done? It might be basic stuff but I'm no web expert. I've used the AF SDK in Windows apps and I haven't faced this kind of issue.




Any help will be appreciated!