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    Pi Status tags






      We are using PI eventing to get get notified for Pi tag value changes. Just want to know if PI tag has some kind of status well that get changes?


      If yes , how can we access that status in OnNewVal Event handler?







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          Hi Sachin,


          The Value property of a PIValue object indicates:

          • the actual value of the PI tag, if the value is good
          • the status code of the PI tag, if the value is not good

          This is some sample code in VB .NET that you could add to the OnNewValue event handler:

              Private myEventPipe As PISDK.EventPipe
              Private myPIEventObject As PISDK.PIEventObject
              Private myPointValue As PISDK.PointValue
              Private myPIValue As PISDK.PIValue
              Private epEvents As PISDK._DEventPipeEvents_Event
              Private Sub epEvents_OnNewValue()
                      myPIEventObject = myEventPipe.Take()
                      myPointValue = DirectCast(myPIEventObject.EventData, PISDK.PointValue)
                      myPIValue = myPointValue.PIValue
                      If Not myPIValue.IsGood Then
                          MessageBox.Show("time: " & myPIValue.TimeStamp.LocalDate.ToString & _
                                        " - status: " & DirectCast(myPIValue.Value, PISDK.DigitalState).Name)
                          MessageBox.Show("time: " & myPIValue.TimeStamp.LocalDate.ToString & _
                                        " - value: " & myPIValue.Value.ToString)
                      End If
                  Catch ex As Exception
                      MessageBox.Show("error: " + ex.Message)
                  End Try
              End Sub



          Please let us know if this helps.




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