AF Authentication for a Data Reference

Discussion created by TomHosea on Jul 28, 2011
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We have written a Data Reference to evaluate several AF attributes and write a status back to another AF attribute. This DR is very similar to the examples for roll-up, string concatenation ... posted in vCampus.


The dilemma, is that when a ProcessBook user with read-only access to the data tries to retrieve information using an Element Relative display, they receive an error message telling them that they don't have write permissions.


Our current connection to AF is standard:



     Public myPISystems As New PISystems()
     Public myPISystem As PISystem
     Public myAFDB As AFDatabase

     Public sSystem As String
     Public sDataBase As String

     sAFServer = "MyServer"
     sDatabase = "MyDatabase"

     ' Open the PI System
     myPISystem = myPISystems(sAFServer)

     ' Check PISystems object, create if required
     If (myPISystem Is Nothing) Then myPISystems = New PISystems()

     ' Check AFDatabase object, create if required
     If (myAFDB Is Nothing) Then myAFDB = myPISystems(sAFServer).Databases(sDataBase)
     If Not myAFDB.Name.ToLower.Equals(sDataBase.ToLower) Then myAFDB = myPISystems.DefaultPISystem.Databases(sDataBase)

     ' Final confirmation to see if AF is connected
     ret = (Not (myAFDB Is Nothing))

 Is there a way to determine the credentials of the login? I would like to assume an administrators role when this DR connects rather than assuming the role of the ProcessBook user.


Any suggestions are welcome.


Tom Hosea