WEIGH IN: Proposed architectures for a new enterprise-level search service

Discussion created by ldieffenbach on Aug 2, 2011
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Greetings vCampus Community!


As a Product Manager for OSIsoft, I'm interested in gaining perspective from this community on some potential new offerings around indexing PI data across an enterprise. Essentially, I'm looking to see your input on which of the following two architectural directions you would be most willing to promote within your own organization or to your PI customers as an OSIsoft partner/integrator.


Imagine a PI System feature that essentially indexes your PI System content (PI Tags, PI AF structures, display, reports, web pages, calculations, etc., etc.) so that users could experience a rich searching and browsing experience. If the data itself is not involved, which of these two options is more feasible (given any restrictions on sharing data outside the organization, even if it is only in index form):

  •  A Search service provided by OSIsoft: Similar to our existing Managed PI NOC offering, customers would sign up for a centrally installed and managed search service that indexes their enterprise PI data and provides search results to any PI product configured to use the enterprise search feature. The service is sold as a subscription/service and is enabled through simple configuration of PI servers and clients. One advantage of this approach is that the customer has very little capital or maintanence cost. Another advantage is that service enhancements would become available to customers with no effort on their part.
  •   An on-premise server that provides search functionality: Similar to PI Server 2010, where all the functionality is included, we might offer an on-premise solution that would be a complete installation to enable the search function. This type of solution would likely require some hardware investment by the customer, but would be an out-of-the-box installation to provide the search without additional purchases, installations or configuration beyond the initial install. This option would require more maintenance by the customer and they would need to enable or perform any system upgrades themselves. This sort of option might be better for customers with the need to tightly control access to their data, where a secure off-premise option is not really viable.

 Please post your thoughts to this thread.




Laurie Dieffenbach, OSIsoft Product Manager