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EMDVB Device Status tag not update

Question asked by StevenLeroyHenri on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by rsun


I have an EMDVB interface as well as all the healthpoint which are created automatically by PI System.

I am having the following issue, all healthpoint are updated "Rapidly" except from the deviceStatus tag. When i checked the Snapshot of the HealthPoints, the only one which has a timestaped not recently updated is the DeviceStatus tag. Sometimes, it may be 10 hours in the past.


I would like to know, if someone has come across this issue :

1. why this healthpoint (DeviceStatus) take long before updating its snapShot.

2. What is the rate at which this tags get new snapShot or values in archive.


Thank you for your answers.


Yours faithfully,