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    Receiving Data from AF with different UOM then stored in Tag


      Hi Guys,


      I just ran into something and I wondered if anyone else ran into this issue, which could just be a limitation of the PI WebServices currently?  I have a PI tag that stores wind speed in m/s.  In the PI AF I have two attributes for wind speed.  One uses the default UOM of m/s, but the second one has UOM as km/s.  When I view this attribute (km/h) in Processbook or PI Web Parts, I see the value in km/h.  When I ask for the same data using PI Webservices, for the attribute, I get the values back in m/s.  When I check the UOM property for the collection, it is in km/h.  Has anyone else seen this, or is my system just nuts?


      If anyone is interested, I am calling the PI WebServices from Silverlight, but that shouldn't make any difference.


      Thanks in advance!