KPIDemo/Silverlight Error

Discussion created by Halenger Champion on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by spilon

I'm trying to replicate Lonnie's KPIDemo13 SilverLight project and keep getting the following error:


System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException was unhandled by user code
  Message=An error occurred while trying to make a request to URI 'http://xxx:81/PIWebServices/PITimeSeries.svc'. This could be due to attempting to access a service in a cross-domain way without a proper cross-domain policy in place, or a policy that is unsuitable for SOAP services. You may need to contact the owner of the service to publish a cross-domain policy file and to ensure it allows SOAP-related HTTP headers to be sent. This error may also be caused by using internal types in the web service proxy without using the InternalsVisibleToAttribute attribute. Please see the inner exception for more details.
       at System.ServiceModel.AsyncResult.End[TAsyncResult](IAsyncResult result)
       at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.EndCall(String action, Object[] outs, IAsyncResult result)
       at System.ServiceModel.ClientBase`1.ChannelBase`1.EndInvoke(String methodName, Object[] args, IAsyncResult result)
       at KPIDemo13.PIWebService.PITimeSeriesClient.PITimeSeriesClientChannel.EndGetPISummaryData(IAsyncResult result)
       at KPIDemo13.PIWebService.PITimeSeriesClient.KPIDemo13.PIWebService.IPITimeSeries.EndGetPISummaryData(IAsyncResult result)
       at KPIDemo13.PIWebService.PITimeSeriesClient.OnEndGetPISummaryData(IAsyncResult result)
       at System.ServiceModel.ClientBase`1.OnAsyncCallCompleted(IAsyncResult result)
  InnerException: System.Security.SecurityException
            at System.Net.Browser.AsyncHelper.BeginOnUI(SendOrPostCallback beginMethod, Object state)
            at System.Net.Browser.BrowserHttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
            at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelFactory.HttpRequestChannel.HttpChannelAsyncRequest.CompleteGetResponse(IAsyncResult result)
       InnerException: System.Security.SecurityException
            Message=Security error.
                 at System.Net.Browser.BrowserHttpWebRequest.InternalEndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
                 at System.Net.Browser.BrowserHttpWebRequest.<>c__DisplayClass5.<EndGetResponse>b__4(Object sendState)
                 at System.Net.Browser.AsyncHelper.<>c__DisplayClass4.<BeginOnUI>b__1(Object sendState)


I'm not sure on where to go from here... I've edited the web.config file for BasicHttp and set impersonateCallerForAllOperations="true".  I've also verified my PI WebServices are/is working as I used the WCFStorm shareware as recommended in the PI Web Services 2010 User's Guide.  Be easy on my, I'm a systems integrator, not a developer..... yet.




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