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Discussion created by wpurrer on Aug 5, 2011
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Dear Vcampus - Community.


We are on the way to build a tag configuration audit and management software.
(we have a server 120 K - Tags at the moment which is running on 16 core 3ghz, 16 GB Ram, 1TB machine)
(the software will be directly executed on the machine.


the following software takes about 20 mintues to run, a complete excel export with the tag configuration export / import only takes a couple of minutes.
(does some have a clue why  and how to optimizie)

PointList points = CurrentPIServer.GetPointsSQL("1=1");

foreach (PIPoint po in points)
   IstItem Isttemp = new IstItem()
     Tag = po.Name,
     PointSource = po.PointAttributes[
     Description = po.PointAttributes[
     PointSecurityConfig_IST = po.PointAttributes["ptsecurity"].Value;
     DataSecurityConfig_IST = po.PointAttributes[