PIOLEDB connection for Energy Componenst W2K8

Discussion created by formerpigeek on Aug 8, 2011
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I am wondering if anyone has any experience with PIODLEDB provider and Energy Components (or similar) in a W2K8/x64 environment. We have previously set this up in 32bit environment without any problem, but in Windows 2008/64 bit the connector does not appear to be working.


I have no experience with the Energy Components application (we just support the OLEDB and server) but my observations are as follows.


32bit and 64bit versions are both installed. In the connection script from EC, it is referring to a server name in the known server table. In its logs we see a familiar PISDK error "unable to connect please verify pinetmgr is running". The PISDK logs and PI logs on the server do not appear to log anything when we try to make a connection from this application. From the about PISDK connection we can connect to our server OK. I had them change the server name in their connection script and the error message changes "server not found in known server table" so it looks like it is talking to the SDK, but we can't find any logs to suggest it is, and on the PI server we do not see any connection attempts when they try to connect from the app. Someone had mentioned needing to change DCOM setting for OLEDB in W2K8 but they look to be open by default to admin/system so I can't see how this would have any affect. Has anyone experienced similar problems where AboutPISDK connects but the apps don't?