The PiOleDB seems to hang for no apparent reason...

Discussion created by IOMHouston on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by Ahmad Fattahi

We set up our solution which periodically hits the PI server for data. We find that our application just locks up and we have to restart our application.
Using ProcDump, I can see that there are many threads started and we are locked inside the PiOleDB driver.


In searching through the forum, it seems that 1.3.387 (Dated Oct 2010 time frame), a problem was identified and
that fixes the problem. Can anyone verify that fixes this exact problem? This problem is not
always easy to reproduce, so I can upgrade 
and it may not appear in our test environment, but then appears in
the customer site. Not a good thing.


Can anyone identify the precise + reproducible steps to get the driver to hang.


In our test environment, we are using  PISDK version According to the link below, we should also see this problem. 




CEvent::Wait(0x9902298 ms)         << Very large timeout...


Even though I am using the PiOleDB driver, the problem seems to be related to the PISDK being used.