How to Auto Archive (with a FIFO twist)

Discussion created by TEL1 on Aug 12, 2011
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I'm currently using the AutoArchive feature and have been manually deleting archives on a periodic basis.  I also noticed that it was possible to create archives upfront which get populated later, which we don't currently use.  We are using v3.4.375.80.  Is it possible to have the system auto archive up to a certain number of archives, or a certain percent used of disk drive, and then the archiving starts to overwrite old data in old archives (FIFO)?  If not, can I choose a custom directory and naming convetion for my archives if I have to build them upfront?




PS - How do I programmatically unregister a bunch of archives at once?  Right now, I manually select each archive individually to unregister in SMT.  Ughhh!