Writing to an output tag multiple times within a calculation

Discussion created by reddwarf on Aug 15, 2011
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I'm new to the forum and are developing some ACE calculations in VB.NET. I am wondering if it is possible to write to an output tag multiple times within a calculation?


I am running the calculation every 10minutes and when I do the calculations on the data for the last 10minutes I would like to be able to write to an output tag when certain events happen. I am using the timestamp from an array of PI Values (VGArray is a PI Value array, Amplitude is an output tag and amp is a calculated parameter)

Amplitude.Value(VGarray.Item(i).TimeStamp) = amp

Is this possible?


When I debug the code I see that these statements are executed, but when I move the ACE calculations to the ACE server, I never see an event at that timestamp.


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