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    Virtual "Meet a PM/Developer" Sessions

    Ahmad Fattahi

      We are constantly thinking of newer and better communication ways for our vCampus community members. One of the exclusive aspects of vCampus is that you can interact with OSIsoft Product Managers and Developers directly.


      Well, we are wondering what you think about having a virtual "Meet a PM/Developer" session on vCampus. So, on a specific date and time a Product Manager and/or Developer of a specific product will be available to answer your questions and talk about topics of your choice online.


      How do you like the idea? Please share your positive/negative points along with potential subjects or products to be considered. If the idea is embraced by the community, i.e. you , we might have one of those sessions in near future!

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          Really no one interested to hang around with a PM or Developer to discuss? Having a live chat about future directions of a product - sharing enhancement requests?

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              I'm very interested in such session ... mmh it will take time into collecting all my vcampus post and feature requests,...    i met one developer of the pi server at the uc in sf last year, and he sent the bugfix (windows backup support ) of a new bug in a couple of days. I was positiv supprised that i have influence on an osisoft product.... through the regular channels (techsupport, pm) i typically see no response. Maybe one seperate forum for "wishes to the pm, developers" .... with feedback from them would be a good idea. Like "connect" from ms

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                  Idea sounds good in principle but I can see us coming away frustrated because if we get honest, open answers back then we will like the sound of what we hear but in reality it is years away from being implemented.


                  That said, it would possibly be good to have a panel of PMs to give a grilling for those questions that span multiple parts of the PI system such as "(Jay) When will we see future data in PI and (Laurie) how will it be handled by client tools?"


                  Would the sessions be held in the same manner as the Q&A of the webinars?

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                      Ahmad Fattahi

                      Very good points Wolfgang and Rhys; thanks for the feedback.


                      @Rhys: we try our best to have real useful and informative Q/A sessions. I can imagine by definition some answers may be far from ideal! in any case, as long as it brings value to the community, we are all for it. The format would be pretty similar to what we have at the end of the webinars unless you have other things in mind .