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    Incorrect timestamp between outputs


      Hi guys,


      I'm having a problem with ACE Output Tags, which some output tags are lagging after the calculation started up for few minutes. It's a scheduled calculations with period of 120 seconds and offset of 0 second. Isn't all the output supposed to have same timestamps? Is this might due to the compression (currently on with 30 mins) of the tags?


      1 calculation, 4 ACE Input Tags, 6 ACE Output Tags.


      OutputTag1 : 21-Aug-11 08:40:00 1.170152903
      OutputTag2 : 21-Aug-11 08:42:00 507.4784546
      OutputTag3 : 21-Aug-11 08:38:00 6.735311985
      OutputTag4 : 21-Aug-11 08:38:00 3131.920166
      OutputTag5 : 21-Aug-11 08:38:00 7.905465126
      OutputTag6 : 21-Aug-11 08:42:00 3662.68457


      Running ACE version 2.1.32




      Haziq Mazlan

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          Hi Haziq,


          That really depends on whether you specify a timestamp when you set a value to the output tag. If not, it should default to ExeTime. if you are setting the output value with something like:

          OutputTag1.Value = 100

          Then all the output tags should have the same output time. You can also verify by checking the ResultTimestamp property of the output tags. This property only works for tags that are configured as output tags.


          And yes, the compression setting of the output tags can be a reason for this as well. 



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            Yes, for scheduled tags the timestamp should be same for all output tags because it writes to all of them at end of execution. Only if compression is the we might loose some values. One should not have any exception and compressions settings for any ACE output tags. Please let us know how it goes.